Give the gift of Awesome Experiences this Holiday Season

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Give the gift of Awesome Experiences this Holiday Season

The holiday season can be a stressful time for any gift-giver looking for that special “something” for their special someone. Most stick to the basics and play it safe, while others try to think outside the box. What if we DON’T go for that air fryer? What if, instead, we get our loved ones outside, active, traveling, or exploring? Now THAT sounds like a gift worth sharing! We’re here to give some advice on how to curb that Christmas-time stress by gifting memories through experiences- not socks sitting in the back of the closet!

First, you may be asking yourself, “What is a gift of experience?” Oxford dictionary defines experience as an event or occurrence that leaves an impression on someone. We believe that experiences bring people together and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Here are some ideas of experiences you can share with your family and loved ones:

sunset in Grand Tetons National ParkNational Parks Annual Pass

National Park passes are easy to get and can get you access to any of the 2,000 Federal Recreation sites in the United States. For only $80 USD, you are sure to have plenty to explore outdoors, like mountains, waterfalls, lakes, and wildlife. This pass lasts a whole year, so get out there and explore it all!

rustic log cabin bedStaycation/Vacation

We all love a good vacation, but have you ever tried a staycation? What is not to love about being able to kick back and enjoy an experience close to home? However, if you decide to travel, close or far, being able to enjoy where you stay is what can make or break a trip.

Stoney Creek Hotels focuses on giving the experience of genuine hospitality in all aspects of your hotel stay. We make travel easy by offering gift cards so you or someone you love can enjoy that lodge feeling at any of our properties on your next getaway. We feature unique cabin-style rooms that are the perfect mixture of distinctive cabin aesthetics and rustic timelessness.

man and woman skydivingSkydiving

A great activity to get your heart racing is skydiving. Many companies offer great deals on skydiving, and every state in the country has at least one skydiving facility. Bonus points if you can join the elite group that has jumped in every state!

two young women on skisEpic Pass (skiing pass)

Epic Pass is an awesome way to get out and hit the slopes. This pass works with partnering ski resorts across the country, so you can find new slopes to visit each time you go. You can find tiers and pricing at ski.com, along with some of the best ski lodges in the states.

woman on ziplineOutdoor Skills Classes (REI offers classes)

If you love the outdoors, this one is for the books! REI offers classes and events for as low as $23. You could use these classes to learn something, brush up on skills, and even go on expeditions! After you gift the skills class, show your loved one spots to take their skills outside for some practice! Stoney Creek Hotels is located in some of the most beautiful locations across the Midwest, boasting kayaking, hiking, skiing, cave exploration, and mountain biking. Don’t believe us? Check out all the activities in La Crosse, WI, and Columbia, MO alone!

Can’t decide? Let them choose!

This one is for the people who aren’t sure which experience to give to their family or friends. Or maybe you are stuck and can’t choose just one experience! If that is the case, there are websites out there specifically to help you find the perfect experience, including everything from racing sports cars to rail biking in the forest. You are sure to find something that will satisfy everyone!

However you decide to gift this year, we wish you the most out of every experience!