Quincy IL – The Secret Foodie Sensation That Will Make Your Mouth Water

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Quincy IL – The Secret Foodie Sensation That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Calling all food connoisseurs, fresh-taste taste-testers, and traveling snackers. We have a secret. Did you know one of the best foodie towns has a population of 40,000 and sits right on the border of Missouri and Illinois? We bet you didn’t!

Quincy, Illinois, may come as a shock to most, but it has a very decorated food scene. They pride themselves on having diverse foods where anyone can find something they enjoy. In this blog, we are going to explore some of our foodie favorites, all minutes away from Stoney Creek Hotel Quincy.

storefront photo of Tiramisu' restaurant in Quincy, IL

Tiramisu’, an Italian restaurant, is one of Quincy’s best-kept foodie secrets. If you’re looking for a scallop cooked to absolute perfection and wine reduction sauce that makes your mouth water- this is the place! And do not get us started on the fresh bread. If that isn’t enough to bring you in, this review speaks for itself: We made this a destination and not a stop so we could experience this great Italian ristorante. – M.W. Whether you are just passing through or making this your destination, this is a must-stop.

ceramic bowl with Korean seafood cuisine
Seoul 2 Soul Bistro

Seoul 2 Soul Bistro boasts some awesome Korean-style food options. If you are in the mood for dumplings, authentic-style ramen, or udon soup, you have to check out Seoul! For anyone who is gluten-free or vegan, Seoul has great options as well, like their veggie stir-fry or bibimbap! They are known for having amazing kimchi, just check out what this person had to say about it: I had a Kimchi Udon – Seoul Bulgolgi and it was the best Korean food I ever had. – I.

picture of food from Fatbacks BBQ in Quincy, IL
Fatbacks BBQ

Fatbacks BBQ is a restaurant with a great story and food made with a lot of heart. The owners, Donald and Princess, first got their start in 2006 by competing in BBQ Competitions. It wasn’t until about six years after that, in 2012, that they finally got to start their dream BBQ restaurant. This is just one of the awesome reviews: This family-owned small business never fails to impress with fresh, delicious food served in generous portions by an incredible staff B.B. If you want to see what you could be digging into, their Instagram @fatbacksbbq shows all the mouthwatering food you can imagine!

plate of food from Boodalu Restaurant in Quincy, IL
BoodaLu Steakhouse

BoodaLu Steakhouse is the pinnacle of Quincy’s history, right alongside the water. Their artfully renovated building creates the perfect ambiance for a professional gathering or anniversary celebration. Each dish is American at heart with a twist. They offer a sizeable menu along with vegetarian and vegan options as well! Their variety of steak options, like Wagyu, are among their most popular and well-liked dishes! Here is what customers have to say: Food was absolutely amazing. Steak was tender and seasoned perfectly. The vegetable side was the best I’ve ever had. – S.E.

restaurant storefront brick and glass vintage architecture
Thyme Square Bakery & Cafe

Thyme Square Bakery & Cafe is a wonderful spot that many locals call home. It is known to have some of the best breakfast food in Quincy and it does not disappoint. It is known as a farm-to-table restaurant, so if you enjoy fresh, make sure you check this one out! Incredibly FRESH we absolutely loved this restaurant! Farm to table you will not be disappointed. Our favorite breakfast restaurant!!!! – T.M. They also serve lunch and one dish that is recommended over and over is the Thyme Square Light Market Fish. It is always perfectly seasoned and breaded! And if you prefer it without gluten, they put it on a bed of greens.

thick steak on plate over brocolli with mashed potato side dish

Dunnbelly, a twist on American traditional food, is nothing short of a gem. It takes a great team and a great restaurant to have 4.5 stars on Google. Besides the welcoming and cozy atmosphere, the drinks and the food are said to be some of the top in Quincy. The winning combo at Dunnbelly is an Old Fashioned and Steak. If you don’t believe us, check out this recent review: I cannot stress this enough, if you are ever in Quincy this is the place for dinner and cocktails. Don’t waste your time anywhere else.-T.N.

Dish of delicious Mexican food
El Patron

El Patron is known to have a fun and friendly atmosphere that serves authentic Mexican food. Wow! This is an undiscovered gem. I have not had REAL Mexican food in a long while. – E.B. This is what people can expect every time they visit. They have a wide variety of menu and drink options, so you will always be sure to find something you love. Their Taco Tuesday specials are often the most popular days, and it changes each week, so be sure to ask about what is offered when you go!

That all being said, we’ve only touched on about 5% of Quincy’s food scene, so make sure to get out and explore what else they have to offer! And if you are planning a trip to Quincy, just remember, don’t be scared to eat your heart out.