Stoney Creek

Hotels & Event Centers

Stoney Creek Inn and Hotels: Founded in 1994, entrepreneur Jim Thompson began with a vision of a lodging experience that exemplified that ‘cabin by the lake’ feel with eclectic guest rooms and modern amenities for an active, adventurous lifestyle. Stoney Creek Inn and Stoney Creek Hotels and Conference Centers were built out of a love for travel and a passion for genuine hospitality. When you stay at a Stoney Creek property, you can expect an exceptionally personal home away from home experience during your stay.

Our Just Cause

Service-oriented and benefiting others –
resilient and able to stand the test of time
– idealistic — a big, bold, yet achievable cause.

At Stoney Creek, our just cause is to champion the success of like-minded individuals towards their personal and professional goals through passionate, genuine hospitality.  We are committed to a high trust, innovative culture, where our teams can flourish while always improving the experience that our guests can have at our hotels.