Traveling to Stoney Creek For the Holidays

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When families and solo travelers plan their holiday getaways, one big decision is where to stay: a rented house, an apartment, or a nearby hotel? Each has its pros and cons, but for celebrations and visits, staying at a nearby hotel often just makes more sense. Here’s why:


Stoney Creek Hotels are incredibly convenient for families. We offer a variety of amenities most travelers won’t find at Grandma’s house, such as on-site game areas, indoor-outdoor pools (the best!), and entertainment, that can make it easier for families to relax and enjoy their holiday. Stoney Creek Hotels also have staff who are available to help with things like checking in and out, carrying luggage, and providing recommendations for the season’s local attractions.


Cleanliness is key to a comfortable stay, and at Stoney Creek Hotels, we take this seriously. Our complimentary cleaning service every three days is designed for your convenience, ensuring a fresh and tidy room without disrupting your schedule. It’s our way of striking the balance—ensuring your comfort while respecting your privacy. We aim to make your stay as hassle-free and comfortable as possible, allowing you to focus on enjoying your trip to the fullest without any unnecessary interruptions.


When it comes to hotels, safety is paramount, and all our properties prioritize guest security with robust measures in place. Situated in well-lit and frequented areas, our hotels provide peace of mind, especially for families venturing into new destinations. Your safety is our top priority, ensuring that your stay is not just comfortable but also secure, allowing you to focus solely on creating lasting memories during your travels.

The decorations, without the hassle:

Get into the Christmas groove without the headache of setting it all up yourself! At Stoney Creek Hotels, we’ve transformed our spaces into cozy, festive wonderlands. From twinkling lights to all the merry trimmings, soak up that holiday spirit hassle-free. It’s like stepping into a Christmas movie scene, minus the stress of untangling lights or hunting for decorations. Just kick back, relax, and let the holiday vibes sweep you off your feet!

Family Oriented:

At Stoney Creek, our attention is all about creating spaces that cater perfectly to families. Take our bunkbed rooms, for example! I mean, who wouldn’t love that feeling of being in a cozy cabin getaway?


Stoney Creek Hotels can be very affordable, especially if you book your stay in advance or take advantage of our rewards, where guests receive up to 20% off their stay every time they book. Did we mention you get a free drink upon arrival if you’re a member?

Now that we’ve set the tone, here are a few tips for our fellow travelers:

Consider Your Needs:

Identify your family’s priorities. Does a pool or an on-site restaurant top your list? Perhaps a rewards club? Jot down your essentials to streamline your search.

Set a Budget:

Establish your budget before diving into reservations—it’s the first step to a stress-free stay. Make sure to pay attention to Holiday discounts happening at your hotel- this is a great way to save while you’re seeing the grandparents!

Read Reviews:

Once you’ve shortlisted options, delve into traveler reviews. With Stoney Creek Hotels, you can always rely on a 4.5+ star rating, making sure that you’re holiday season is the best season yet!

Book in Advance:

Especially crucial during peak seasons, early booking secures the best rates and preferred room types, ensuring a hassle-free stay. Some hotels even offer discounts on stays when booking early!

Travel Light:

Opt for lighter packing—it streamlines check-ins/outs and grants more space in your room, providing a comfortable stay. That being said, we always have a good amount of room to make sure the family is feeling right at home!

Embrace Hotel Amenities:

Dive into the perks! From the hotel pool to nearby seasonal attractions, these amenities offer boundless entertainment for your kids. If you’re trying to avoid other families and seeking one-on-one down time, Stoney Creek has secret hideaways throughout all of our hotels to find peace and quiet! Think rustic fireplaces with a glass of wine- we’ve got that covered.

Scheduled Downtime:

Amidst your family adventures, remember to carve out downtime for your little ones. Whether it’s a nap or relaxation in your Stoney Creek hotel room, it keeps them refreshed and ready for more fun.

In conclusion, choosing a Stoney Creek Hotel sets the stage for an unforgettable vacation, whether you’re traveling solo or with your family. It’s not just a place to stay; it’s an experience tailored to ensure every moment is filled with comfort, excitement, and cherished memories. Book your stay with us and let the adventure begin!