Terms & Conditions

The Smart Travel Rewards Program memberships and their benefits are offered at the sole discretion of Stoney Creek Hospitality Corp. (SCHC) and its subsidiaries and affiliates. Hotels brands currently participating in the Program include Stoney Creek Hotel and Conference Centers. Brands may be added or deleted at the sole discretion of Stoney Creek Hospitality Corp.

1. Program Sponsor

This program is operated by Stoney Creek Hospitality Corp., 10 North Washington Avenue, Suite 301, Mason City, Iowa 50401.

2. Membership Eligibility

Membership in the program is available to individuals only as stated in these program terms and conditions. You may maintain only one account, and only one account is permitted per household. Companies and or other entities cannot enroll. There is no enrollment fee for this program.

3. Program Availability

SCHC reserves the right to restrict, suspend, discontinue or cancel this program upon 60 days’ public notice to all active members. In that event, your right to receive Smart Travel Reward points may end 60 days after notice, and your right to redeem points may end 120 days following that written notice. Points not redeemed by the end date cannot be redeemed.

4. Changes in Terms and Conditions

SCHC reserves the right to limit, change, cancel or modify the terms and conditions of this program, including but not limited to regulations, benefits, conditions for participation, rewards, reward levels, and the number of points issued for qualifying stays. All members will be bound by any such changes. Any such changes will be shown in the Terms and Conditions on the stoneycreekhotel.com website and will be deemed ineffective once posted.

5. Legal Rights

Neither the program nor any benefit offered by this program creates, constitutes, or gives rise to any legal or contractual rights by members against SCHC.

6. Data Privacy

All members agree that by applying for membership or by using, utilizing, or exercising the privileges of membership, you authorize SCHC to retain your personal information, which was supplied by you during the enrollment process or during the course of your membership in this program. Such information will be used to administer membership records, guest service, advertising, marketing, and communication purposes by mail, fax, telephone, or email. You have a right to access your data by sending a written request to our corporate office.

7. Services and Benefits

Members receive free enrollment into the Smart Travel Rewards Program and may receive hotel benefits or services, which may vary by hotel, state, or region. Benefits and services may vary from time to time and may also vary based on your level in the program. Some blackout dates may apply to the guaranteed availability reward offered to Elite and Premier Members.

8. Points for Stays

You may earn Points for stays once you reached Preferred status. Points will not be earned for Stays made prior to the date of your enrollment, as shown in SCHC records. A Stay is defined as one night or consecutive nights at the same hotel, regardless of the frequency of check-in/check-out. A Stay is qualified when paying Qualifying Room Rates, which include most business and leisure rates. For all qualified Stays, you will receive 10 points for every US dollar paid toward eligible charges on your individual hotel room bill when you pay Qualifying Room Rates. Eligible Charges include the following Qualified Room Rates paid for hotel room nights: non-discounted rate, standard rate, standard corporate rate, locally negotiated rates (LNR), national/regional/local government rates, Holiday rates, and specified leisure rates as confirmed by SCHC. Points will be awarded for Qualifying Room Rates booked through SCHC central reservation office, Stoney Creek Hotels websites, travel agents, or directly with the hotel. Points will be posted to members’ accounts on the fourth day following departure. Eligible charges do not include; food, beverage, telephone, laundry/dry cleaning, in-room movies, gift shop purchases, baggage handling, gift certificate purchases, copies/faxes, internet access fees, or taxes. Hotels may choose to award points for other charges at their discretion.

9. Limits on Points for Stays

Points are not issued for stays at the following reduced room rates (“Non-Qualifying Room Rates”, “Non-Qualifying Stay”): net wholesale individual and group rate, package rate, crew rate, seasonal worker/crew rate, travel club discount rate, industry discount rate, distressed passenger rate, complimentary hotel stays, rates booked through most third party web sites (i.e. Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, and others), or any other rates not defined as a Qualifying Room Rate. Smart Travel Reward points are not issued for fractions of a US Dollar spent or for dollars spent on Tax, VAT, GST, service charges, gratuities, or hotel incidentals. Charges not billed to your room, gift shop purchases, and meeting room charges will not be eligible for points. You must have stayed in the room and paid for it in full to receive program points. You may collect points on all Eligible Charges for multiple hotel rooms up to a maximum of 3 rooms per stay, provided those rooms are used in conjunction with your stay at the same hotel, and your Smart Travel Rewards member number is recorded on each reservation. Only the member whose name is on the reservation record will be awarded points and will be awarded Qualifying Night credit toward achieving Preferred, Elite, or Premiere level status. Only one Qualifying Night credit, per member, per night will be awarded regardless of the number of reservations booked and paid for by the member. Points and or Qualifying Night credit are not awarded for “no shows” even if the room is paid for in full. Program points will not be issued if your room is paid for by a trade group, association, company, or as part of a convention under a group contract. Points are not earned on reward night/redemption stays for any portion of the stay that is paid in points. All unused points will expire after 24 months from being issued.

10. Points Adjustments

The points listed in your Smart Travel Rewards Program account are subject to change to reflect actual stay information, any adjustments, and/or program changes. If you believe your account activity is inaccurate, contact our corporate office. Point adjustments will not be made more than 60 days after the statement date. Please keep all of your hotel room receipts for your records, as they will be required for point adjustment requests.

11. STR Program Conversion

Members of the original NWT program may exchange their punch cards for points in the new Northwoods Traveler Program. Each punch (qualifying stay) will be redeemed for 700 points posted to the member’s new account profile. Punch cards can be redeemed at any SCHC hotel or through the mail by filling out the appropriate form and attaching all existing punch cards. Any NWT punch cards not redeemed by December 31st, 2010, will become null and void.

12. Program Levels

The Smart Travel Rewards Program has four different membership levels, each with additional benefits (Traveler, Preferred, Elite, and Premiere). These membership tiers are based on meeting one of 3 requirements for each level (number of stays, number of nights, or base points earned) within a calendar year. Bonus points collected are not included in the calculation of membership level status. Premiere status level is awarded to you if you have a minimum of one of the following during a calendar year; 25 stays at qualified rates, or if you have 60 nights at qualified rates, or if you earn 50,000 base points. Elite status level is awarded to you if you have a minimum of one of the following during a calendar year; 15 stays at qualified rates, or if you have 35 nights at qualified rates, or if you earn 30,000 base points. Preferred status level is awarded to you if you have a minimum of one of the following during a calendar year; 4 stays at qualified rates or if you have 10 nights at qualified rates. Status level upgrades are calculated on a calendar quarter basis. Status level downgrades will be calculated on a calendar year basis and will be limited to a one-level change per year. Member accounts with no point-earning activity for a period of 24 months will be deleted, and all points will be removed from the account.

13. Hotel Room Upgrades

Premiere and Elite status members will be offered a complimentary 2-level room upgrade, and Preferred and Traveler status members will be offered a complimentary 1-level room upgrade as determined by the hotel, which might include rooms on higher floors, corner rooms, newly renovated rooms, or rooms with preferred views. The upgrade will be offered at the time of check-in, based on availability, and will only apply to the member’s personal room. Upgrade benefits will not apply to rooms booked as Reward Night/Redemption Reservations.

14. Guaranteed Room Availability (Elite and Premiere Levels Only)

When contacting Customer Service or the Hotel directly and guaranteeing the reservation with a valid credit card, Premiere members will be guaranteed one room for personal use for reservations made at least 48 hours prior to the date of arrival, and Elite members will be guaranteed one room for personal use, for reservations made at least 72 hours prior to the date of arrival, except during special events that result in extraordinary room demand, as determined solely by the hotel. Members will not be charged more than the prevailing rate for the accommodation available, and the member is not entitled to a rate less than the prevailing rate. Guaranteed Room availability does not apply to Reward Night Reservations. A minimum stay duration requirement may apply at some locations.

15. No Walk Guarantee (Elite and Premiere Levels Only)

Premiere and Elite level members will earn a “No Walk Guarantee” providing a valid guaranteed reservation was made at least 48 hours in advance of arrival for Premiere members and at least 72 hours in advance for Elite members. Should the hotel have to walk either of these members to another non-SCHC property due to overbooking, the hotel will pay for your accommodations and submit to corporate a Check Request for $200.00 for Premiere members and $100 for Elite members to be mailed to you within 5 business days.

16. Point Redemption

Points may be redeemed for any charges on a guest folio, excluding; gift certificate purchases, smoking/damage fees, conference center charges, or meeting room charges. The redemption ratio is 100 points equals one US dollar ($1.00). Members must have a minimum of 2,500 points in their account before they can begin redeeming points. Points are redeemed at checkout and are issued in whole dollar amounts only. No change will be issued on odd amounts. The minimum number of points required for redemption is 2,500 points which equals $25.00. The maximum number of points allowed for redemption is limited to 100,000 points per stay, which equals $1,000.00

With the roll-out of the new Smart Travel Rewards program, members will now also be able to redeem points for products and services at popular retail merchants. Visit our Smart Travel Rewards store for information and pricing.

17. Point Transfers

Smart Travel Rewards points are not transferable to other members or entities at any time

18. Employer Restrictions

Some employers may by policy prohibit or restrict employee participation in the program. SCHC assumes no responsibility or liability for compliance with these policies.

19. Communication Not Received

SCHC is not liable for loss of misdirected correspondence, requests that may be incomplete, illegal, delayed, lost or stolen.

20. Restricted by Law

This program or participation therein is not valid and or the awarding of Smart Travel Rewards Program points or the granting of rewards is void where prohibited by law.

21. Points Have no Value

Smart Travel Rewards points are not redeemable for cash or any other form of credit and have no value until presented for redemption in accordance with the terms and conditions of this program. Points have no fixed or ascertainable cash value. Members have no ownership interest in accrued points, nor do the points constitute property of the members. The word “earn” in marketing materials in relation to this program shall mean “collect”. Points may not be purchased or sold and are not transferable except as otherwise stated herein.

22. Program Violations

Program violations, fraud, or abuse in relation to point credit or reward usage is subject to appropriate administrative and or legal action by appropriated governmental authorities and by SCHC, including the forfeiture of all point transfers, rewards, vouchers, or merchandise issued pursuant to point redemptions and any accrued points in your account, as well as cancellation of the account and your future participation in the program.

23. Other Point Awards

Smart Travel Rewards points may be distributed as rewards, recognitions, or incentives by SCHC to guests and hotel employees and also by other companies with whom SCHC has authorized agreements to their employees and customers.

24. Program Interpretation

Interpretations of Program Terms & Conditions shall be at the sole discretion of SCHC. SCHC reserves the right to add, modify, delete or otherwise change these Terms and Conditions or any rules related to the Program at its sole discretion, with or without notice and subject to local laws and regulations.