Spring Break 2024: A Budget-Friendly Midwest Road Trip Through Iowa

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We’re out of that cold spell! And now. as the blossoms start to bloom, it’s time to break free from the routine and take that trip you didn’t think you’d be able to swing this year. If you live in the Midwest, it’s time to take advantage of that flat terrain and go enjoy an exciting family-friendly road trip through the picturesque state of Iowa. Ideal setting for a leisurely drive, Midwest road trips might be the perfect spring break (as long as we pay attention to that pesky weather forecast!). Here are a few tips for traveling through our home turf in Sioux City, Des Moines, and everything in between, while staying at the welcoming Stoney Creek Hotel locations for a comfortable and memorable stay.

Sioux City, IA: A Gateway to the Great Plains

Sioux City, IA, offers a gateway to the Great Plains with a mix of outdoor and cultural attractions. Stoney Creek Hotel Sioux City provides a comfortable stay with a touch of rustic charm and rich Sioux City history. Explore the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, visit the Sergeant Floyd River Museum, and take a stroll along the scenic riverfront- right next to the hotel.

Sioux City, Iowa

Kick off your adventure with a visit to Stone State Park, offering stunning views and a network of hiking trails for nature enthusiasts. Explore the Sioux City Art Center for a touch of culture and appreciation of local and regional art. Enjoy a family-friendly performance at the Orpheum Theatre, a historic venue with a rich cultural history.

Getting hungry? Old Town Sioux city has a great selection of local eats that will have your mouth watering. Here’s our short list:

Best Food:

Looking for a bit of shopping thrown in? Here are some suggestions for you.
Best Local Shops:

Des Moines, IA: The Capital City’s Family-Friendly Charm

End your Midwest adventure in the capital city of Iowa. Stoney Creek Hotel Des Moines offers a convenient location to explore family-friendly attractions. Visit the Blank Park Zoo, explore the Science Center of Iowa, and take a stroll through the beautiful Pappajohn Sculpture Park. Attend a family-friendly event at the Iowa State Fairgrounds, a hub of year-round entertainment.

Des Moines, Iowa

As we meander through the heart of Iowa, don’t miss out on some of the Midwest’s hidden treasures. The HighTrestle Trail Bridge near Madrid promises breathtaking views of the Des Moines River Valley, while the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge provides a tranquil break for wildlife spotting. These outdoor spots offer a perfect balance of nature and budget-friendly enjoyment for the whole family- just make sure you pack a jacket. ­­­

Let’s add a few dining options in here, shall we?

Best Food:

Best Local Shops:

Budget Friendly Tips

To make your road trip wallet-friendly, pack a cooler with snacks and drinks, and consider picnicking at scenic spots along the way. Take advantage of Stoney Creek Hotel amenities, such as complimentary breakfast and Wi-Fi, to enhance your stay without exceeding your budget. For additional tips, explore recommendations from great local sources like the Postcard Narrative and Des Moines Mom, ensuring your Midwest adventure is both affordable and unforgettable.

Explore More Ideas in the Midwest:

For additional spring break ideas in Iowa, check out Midwest Living’s Guide. If you’re planning a road trip across the Midwest, don’t miss the opportunity to discover more exciting destinations with Travel + Leisure’s list.

Crafting Memories on a Budget

A budget-friendly family spring break in the Midwest doesn’t mean compromising on experiences. Stoney Creek Hotels provide a rustic yet comfortable retreat in key locations across the region, making it easy for families to embark on a road trip adventure. And if it’s a bit chilly for spring break here in the Midwest? No worries, we have incredible pools where the kids can feel like they went on vacation either way.

Time to explore the Midwest with Stoney Creek Hotels and create cherished family memories that will last a lifetime! Plan your adventure at Stoney Creek Hotels.