3 Keys to Budgeting for your Wedding in 2023

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Let’s face it, as we move into 2023 and prices continue to rise, wedding season is becoming more daunting. Couples are re-considering extravagant events and trying to keep their pocketbook under wraps since we’re not sure what the foreseeable future looks like. But still, the show must go on. We’ve compiled a few tips on how to move tactically through your wedding planning this year, giving you the best wedding options for the best prices. Because weddings don’t stop, couples just become more business-savvy.

Keep it local.

For starters, unless you’re planning an impressive elopement (which isn’t the worst idea when it comes to progressive wedding ideas), Hawaii or the Caribbean are out. While they sound enticing and would make for great photos, it’s an expense that just isn’t realistic these days- especially if you want the family to join in. The logistics alone are enough to give you anxiety for weeks leading up to the wedding, and the bill at the end of the event may not be worth the stress.

Starting local and finding a centralized location that works for both sides of the family can be helpful. While the family is normally willing to make the drive or flight, it’s easier for everyone if the venue isn’t on the other side of the country. Travel for weddings is becoming overrated, and with the gas prices where they are, you’re going to be dealing with your guests getting cold feet if it’s costing an arm and a leg to make it to your event! Couples are looking more and more into events that can be held in the next town over or maybe even on their turf. Searching local also means cheaper venue options and better connections, not to mention fewer stress points for the wedding party. Stoney Creek Hotels are located across all of the Midwest, offering easy access for family and friends to join together for your special day.

Keep it all in one place.

A major trend for 2023 shows couples pivoting to all-inclusive venues. These days there are so many venues and niche locations for a couple to have their wedding, but they start to add up fast. A good alternative is to look at unique venues flush with character that also offer lodging accommodations, food options, and ceremony space to boot. By booking these all under one roof, you’ll be looking at a package price that is worth the value while minimizing the logistics of shuttling guests from one venue to another.

Fortunately, all of this can be done with an experienced wedding vendor — like those you will find at Stoney Creek Hotels.

At Stoney Creek Hotels, we offer outdoor ceremony spaces that rival wedding-specific venue locations. Our favorite picks are our Stoney Creek locations in La Crosse, Wisconsin, where the outdoor space looks over an expanse of nature preserve right behind the hotel, or our intimate gathering area in Sioux City, Iowa, or St. Joseph, Missouri, with a whimsical courtyard nestled in with a pond and ceremony seating.­

outside front of hotel outdoor hotel wedding venue overlooking lake

If you’re leaning towards a larger wedding party, Stoney Creek Kansas City offers ceremony space looking out over a private lake and waterfall with seating up to 300 guests. All of this is paired with ballroom reception space, a variety of catering options, and private hotel bars that can be aside just for the wedding. Pair this with room for your whole guest list along with special group room rates, and you’ve successfully been able to knock your wedding spend down by thousands of dollars in one fell swoop.

rustic bed and night stand

Keep it simple.

It’s safe to say that some couples just go over the top, and that comes with a price tag. Lucky for us, minimalism is “in”!

While everyone has their preference, we always feel that less is more, and family time with genuine service trumps the overly extravagant wedding experience any day. Using natural elements in your wedding and leani­­ng into an organic theme makes it easy to create a wedding experience that is simplistic but elegant. In other words, take advantage of your outdoor surroundings. Hug those trees: Truly, do this! Take advantage of the natural elements to make the wedding cohesive and tie everything together. Wrap lights, flowers, or photos around trees to tell a story. Less is More: The best part about hosting a ceremony outside? You aren’t trying to over-contrast. Embrace the nature of the outdoors or the rustic ­­elegance of wooden beams and warm fireplaces, which you can find in every Stoney Creek location 10 times over.