Stoney Creek is Turning to Bulk Amenities

04-19-2022 | Stoney Creek Hotels,

Stoney Creek Hospitality has swapped miniature bottles with bulk amenities to decrease waste by 40.7% company-wide. In recognition of Earth Day, the green initiative will help drive several ecological improvements in the hotels’ operations.

For instance, turning to bulk amenities will reduce single-use plastic in Stoney Creek’s hotel chain. Plastic pollution remains a pressing global issue, with 8 million pieces of plastic polluting the oceans daily and 25 trillion macro and 51 trillion microplastics littering our oceans.

The Bulk Amenities Solution

Bulk amenities involve the installation of dispensers for bathroom essentials and replacing the miniature plastic containers provided to hotel guests. The initiative offers guests the usual in-room bath amenities via quality products, such as Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief Body Wash, delivered through reliable liquid dispensers.

Our sustainable move aims to reduce waste and the hotel’s environmental footprint. We hope that the transition will inspire guests to join in the sustainable movement while our hotels continue to provide top-quality service standards for everyone.

Benefits of Bulk Amenities

The installation of dispensers/bulk amenities solutions provides a wide range of environmental and service benefits in the long term. For example, replacing miniature bottles with convenient dispensers enables service staff to restock supplies with improved efficiency through refill packs. The other benefits of bulk amenities include:

  • Additional bathroom space. The wall-mounted dispensers will continue to provide guests with the essentials they need without occupying counters or shelves.
  • Reduced liquid product waste. Guests can now conveniently dispense the quantity of shower essentials they need without excess.
  • Reduced package waste. Purchasing amenities in bulk removes the need for unnecessary individual packaging that may include non-recyclable materials.
  • Greater practicality. The volume of miniature bathroom essentials (i.e., shampoos and conditioners) may not contain sufficient product for guests with long or coarse hair. Bulk amenities will ensure that guests receive the amount of product according to their specific needs without requesting multiple room service trips.
  • Safer management of resources. Our lockable dispensers will prevent the tampering of contained liquids. Additionally, we guarantee a systematic housekeeping routine to ensure that guests receive fresh refills.

What Guests Can Expect

Bulk amenity dispensers will provide our guests with newfound convenience. Rather than uncapping and squeezing each bottle or requesting extra supplies (due to the limited volume of contained products), guests have control over the amount they need by tapping the user-friendly dispensers.

Dispensers eliminate the spills and mess that may arise from miniature bottle products. Additionally, each dispenser comes with easily legible labels so guests can quickly identify the product they need.

Above all else, we understand that guests have become increasingly aware and involved in environmental protection efforts. We aim to engage eco-friendly guests through our bulk amenities initiative toward creating a more dynamic hospitality environment that leverages resource management and waste control.

Pursuing a Path Toward a Greener Trajectory

Stoney Creek Hotels remains committed to creating the ideal home away from home experience for our guests. We provide a genuine passion for hospitality, driven toward realizing a comfortable and safe environment for everyone.

Our goal for a greener trajectory addresses the ongoing environmental concerns among hotels and seeks to replace conventional products and services with sustainable alternatives. Aside from reducing our hotels’ operational and product costs, bulk amenities will give guests the satisfaction of becoming a valuable part of an ongoing eco-friendly campaign.

Stoney Creek’s move toward bulk amenities may include follow-up initiatives based on recent developments in the sustainable hospitality and tourism scene. These projects may include:

  • Banning single-use plastics on the premises, such as food packaging, straws, and shopping bags.
  • Installing recycle bins in hotel lobbies and rooms for easy access.
  • Managing food waste through carefully managed audits that identify patterns.
  • Using eco-friendly bin liners (e.g., compostable material or newspapers) for hotel rooms.

Stoney Creek Hospitality – Your Second Home

At Stoney Creek, we provide a blend of urban convenience and modern comfort through a people-first philosophy and the provision of a cozy atmosphere. The move to bulk amenities fulfills our holistic objective of exceeding guests’ expectations while safeguarding the natural world.

We understand the smallest changes made in our services can make a significant positive impact on the environment. By eliminating the miniature bottles from landfills and oceans, we can strive toward creating a cleaner and greener planet enjoyed for generations.

Our team’s efforts toward a more responsible approach to amenities provision align with the demands of the modern eco-conscious guest. We believe that replacing traditional hospitality standards with practical modern solutions will help us reach our goals and develop lasting relationships.

With over 25 years of certified experience in hospitality administration, we will continuously deliver green and innovative solutions through the highest customer service standards. Reach out to our team for an experience unlike the rest, and choose from 11 hotels that promise an unforgettable stay.

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